References and Resources about Printing
Below is a list of resources. See also Link to on-line resources.

Books and materials available through

Complete Printmaker by John Ross

Monotype: Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking by Julia Ayres and Julia Ayers

Printmaking: History and Process by Donald Saff and Deli Sacilotto

Prints and Printmaking: An Introduction to the History and Techniques by Antony Griffiths

Etching - Making and Printing [Illustrated]

Copper Plate Photogravure: Demystifying the Process
Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques

Intaglio: Acrylic-Resist Etching, Collagraphy, Engraving, Drypoint, Mezzotint

Practical Guide to Etching and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques

Relief Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)

Intaglio Printing in the 1980s: Prints, Plates and Proofs from the Rutgers Archives

Making Woodcuts and Wood Engravings: Lessons by a Modern Master

The Woodcut Artist's Handbook: Techniques and Tools for Relief Printmaking

The Instant Printmaker: Simple Printing Methods to Try at Home by Melvyn Petterson and Colin Gale

Simple Printmaking: A Beginner's Guide to Making Relief Prints with Rubber Stamps, Linoleum Blocks, Wood Blocks, Found objects by Gwen Diehn

Printmaking in the Sun by Dan Welden, Pauline Muir, and Dan Weldon

Printmaking Today by Cello Press Limited Magazines by Subscription

Printmaking: A Step-By-Step Video Guide to the Art of Printmaking (VHS Tape - 1989)